Oregon Health Plan Members

Understanding Health Share and Oregon Health Plan insurance

The Oregon Health Plan (OHP) and Health Share work together with OHSU Health Services on different parts of your healthcare needs. OHP provides insurance. Health Share coordinates your services. OHSU Health Services works with providers to deliver your medical care needs.

OHSU Health Services is a new system of care, with over 45 locations and thousands of providers across the metro area. With partners OHSU Health Hillsboro Medical Center and Adventist Health in East Portland, OHSU Health Services is ensuring every Portland area neighborhood has access to OHSU’s innovations and treatments.

What is the Oregon Health Plan?

The Oregon Health Plan (OHP) is the Medicaid program for the state of Oregon. This program provides healthcare coverage for low-income residents of Oregon.

Who does the Oregon Health Plan serve?

  • Families
  • Children
  • Pregnant women
  • Single adults

For more information, visit the Oregon Health Plan website. If you already have OHP, you can visit Oregon Health Plan Benefits under our Oregon Health Plan Members dropdown menu to get to your member handbook.

What is Health Share?

Your medical, mental, and dental benefits from the Oregon Health Plan (OHP) are coordinated through Health Share. OHSU Health Services works with Health Share to deliver the medical care you deserve and give you information about healthy living. Health Share organizes your care into three categories to help with all your health needs: Physical, Mental and Dental. View the back or inside of your Health Share ID card to locate the plan you have been assigned to. The plans are listed below. To contact Health Share for more information call 503-416-8090 or visit www.healthshareoregon.org.

Health Share ID Cards (OHP Members)

You can use OHSU Health Services if your Health Share ID card lists OHSU Health Services as your physical health plan. Your physical health plan is listed on the back or inside of your Health Share ID card.

Front side image of 2020 Health Share of Oregon ID Card.
The front of the Health Share ID card includes name, member ID, language preference and contact information for Health Share of Oregon
Back side image of 2020 Health Share of Oregon ID Card.
The back of the Health Share ID card includes medical and dental plan names and phone numbers, primary care provider clinic name and contact information, and CareOregon contact information.

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Redetermination of eligibility

On April 1, 2023, the Oregon Health Authority began contacting Oregon Health Plan members to ask for their income information. This information will be reviewed to see who qualifies for Medicaid coverage. The Oregon Health Plan is Oregon’s Medicaid program.

This income review is called redetermination. It usually takes place every year. When the COVID-19 pandemic began, the federal government guaranteed Medicaid coverage and paused income reviews. That guarantee ended March 31, 2023. Oregon now has until June 2024 to review who qualifies for Medicaid.

If you are an Oregon Health Plan member:

  • Make sure the state has your mailing address. To check or update your address, you can:
    • Go to one.oregon.gov and click on Manage Account.
    • Call the Oregon Health Authority’s Customer Service Center at 800-699-9075 weekdays between 7 a.m. and 6 p.m. Interpreters are available.  
    • If you are an OHSU patient: Call OHSU Health Services Customer Service at 844-827-6572 (for TTY users, 711) weekdays between 7:30 a.m. and 5:30 p.m.
  • Watch your mail. All 1.4 million Oregon Health Plan members should get a review notice by January 2024.
  • Follow steps in the notice within 90 days to keep Medicaid coverage. If you don’t respond within 90 days, you will have coverage for 60 more days.

Learn more:

    Schedule a ride

    Ride to Care gets a lot of Health Share members to their Oregon Health Plan appointments. You can plan a trip as far ahead as 90 days. When possible, call two business days ahead of your trip or ride. At this site, you can:

    • Plan a trip
    • Cancel a trip
    • File a grievance

    For details, visit this page for a rider's guide, how to check on a ride and more.

    Contact information for Ride to Care

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    Immediate Care SmartExam

    Feel better, faster. OHSU Health Share members can get a free SmartExam.

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