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  • To sign up for webinars, please contact Lynn Stachlowski, CPC, CRC, CPC-I, CPEDC Email: stachlow@ohsu.edu Phone: 503-418-7755

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OHSU Health Services seeks to provide a diverse network of providers for our members.  Providers interested in joining the network may complete the provider information form to be considered for contracting and credentialing. The form must be completed in its entirety. Submission of the provider information form does not guarantee network participation. Questions? Call 503-418-7750 or emailOHSUHealthPrvRelations@ohsu.edu

Oregon Health Decisions provides information and tools for Health Care Providers on their website. Learn more.

Oregon State Agency Requested Medical Records – Anytime an Oregon state agency is requesting medical records, they will provide one of two forms to providers. If the patient is an Oregon Health Plan member on the date of service, the agency will provide Form 729 which allows the provider to bill the Division of Medical Assistance Programs for the cost of medical record copying charges (and mailing if applicable). In order to be paid by DMAP, the provider must complete an HCFCS 1500 and attach the Form 729 for the claim to be processed by DMAP. While the form offers a physical mailing address as a means to submit these forms, it is more efficient (and trackable) to submit using the EDI portal (the same portal used to process Open Card submissions). Questions about the portal should be directed to DMAP Provider Relations at 800-336-6016. If the patient is not an Oregon Health Plan eligible member on the date of service, the agency will provide Form 501A which allows the cost of the medical record copying charges (and mailing if applicable) to the Oregon General Fund (through the agency requesting the records).

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