Introducing C (SEE)-Day on 6/6/2020

C-Day, or See-Day celebrate vision and ending blindness.

Celebrating 6/6/2020 as an important day for vision awareness

June 6, 1944 is known around the world as D-Day, with the “D” in military parlance meaning the “day” of an important mission.

OHSU Casey Eye Institute is celebrating this special date of 6/6/2020 as C (SEE)–Day.  6/6 is considered perfect vision in the metric system, while 20/20 is perfect vision in the English system of measurement. This is the only time in history that both symbols of perfect vision occur together on the calendar. 

We are marking this important day of vision by measuring our progress towards our own critical mission – to eliminate preventable blindness in Oregon. To calculate the visual health of Oregonians, we have developed a metric based on an analysis of our patients with the three leading causes of blindness: macular degeneration, glaucoma and diabetic retinopathy. 

On this very first C (SEE)–Day, we have measured Oregon’s vision as 20/80, which is far from where we want Oregon to be. We will continue to evaluate our progress annually each C (SEE)–Day on 6/6 going forward. With earlier diagnosis, better treatments and expanded access to underserved communities, we aim to improve Oregon’s vision to 20/20 perfect vision.

Happy C (SEE)–Day!

Learn about Casey's innovative programs to end blindness

Elks Children's Eye Clinic

This free standing Elks Children’s Eye Clinic will be the central hub for eye programs such as the Preschool Vision Screening Program, Ophthalmic Informatics Center and children’s eye care. Learn more about the new facility. 

Elks Children's Eye Clinic building has a bridge with glass that change color depending on the light.

Community Outreach Program

To eliminate preventable blindness, Casey Volunteers travel throughout the state, partnering with community health organizations to screen adults for diseases threatening their vision. Learn more about the outreach program.

The mobile clinic van travels around Oregon providing free vision screenings to adults

Wold Family Macular Degeneration Center

This center houses clinical trials, basic science research and community outreach programs targeting the leading cause of blindness, macular degeneration. Learn more about Casey's macular degeneration programs.

Casey's eye care, clinical trials and research target macular degeneration, which affects older adults.

Paul H. Casey Ophthalmic Genetics Division

Casey is a world leader in the pioneering use of gene therapy to treat inherited eye disease. Learn more about the Gene Therapy Center. 

A young boy with inherited retinal disease walks with his dad. He was treated with the first FDA approved gene therapy Luxturna.

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