Casey Community Outreach Program Mobile Clinic

Philanthropic gifts totaling $3.25 million will support OHSU Casey Eye Institute Community Outreach Program

Oregon donors help OHSU expand access to eye exams, treatment and education statewide!

Thanks to two generous gifts, totaling $3.25 million, the program will be able to reach more Oregonians than ever before. This support, provided jointly by philanthropist Heather Killough and the Sisters, Oregon-based Roundhouse Foundation, will allow the program to not only increase patient access to vision screenings, but will also expand community health worker training and certification, and offer more sophisticated diagnostic testing and treatments through a second mobile eye clinic that can travel to communities statewide. Learn more here

Thank you, Roundhouse Foundation and Heather Killough! 

Casey outreach volunteer holding thank you sign.
Casey Community Outreach Program volunteer Meaghan Smith holds a sign thanking The Roundhouse Foundation and Heather Killough for their combined $3.25-million donation to the program. (OHSU)
An eye doctor examining a patients on the Casey Community Outreach Program mobile clinic.

COVID-19 Impact Update

We are very excited to announce that the Casey Community Outreach Program has resumed service! 

The safety of our participants, volunteers, community partners and staff is our highest priority, and we are being cautious to keep our mobile healthcare environment safe for those we serve. With this in mind, we and have implemented modified operations measures that will ensure the health and wellness of those in need of access to vision care during unprecedented times of need. For more information o the measure being taken, please contact us at: 

Ending preventable blindness

For some people, access to high quality medical care is beyond their reach. The OHSU Casey Eye Institute Community Outreach Program brings eye care into focus by providing free vision screenings to adults that identify common preventable and treatable eye conditions that often cause blindness,

Since our inaugural voyage in 2010, our 33-foot fully-outfitted mobile ophthalmology unit has crisscrossed Oregon from the state’s most remote corners to Portland’s urban core providing:

  • Screenings for over 10,075 adults
  • More than 272 vision clinics
  • Referral services for over 2,390 adults who may have serious vision problems
  • Over 5,970 prescription glasses given to participants

View our full impact in the 2020 Impact Report.

10 years, over 10,000 served

Thank you to our donors, community partners, and volunteers!

The Casey Community Outreach Program turned 10 years old and recently served its 10,000 participant! Read more in this OHSU News story.

We extend a huge THANK YOU to the donors, community partners, and volunteers who made this achievement possible! 

Providing free eye exams

Through partnerships with community agencies serving low-income, uninsured and underinsured Oregonians, the Casey Community Outreach Program offers free, on-site vision screenings at an expanding network of community locations. Participants are examined at no cost, and community partners assist with follow-up for individuals in need of assistance in purchasing glasses or access to further medical support. This strong community partnership model links people with high quality vision health services through existing agencies and resources in their community.

The mobile clinic van travels around Oregon providing free vision screenings to adults


Entirely donor funded, the Casey Community Outreach Program is staffed by volunteer doctors, technicians, students and community members dedicated to eliminating preventable blindness in Oregon. Our 33-foot fully outfitted mobile ophthalmology unit provides free medical vision screenings in partnership with local agencies all around the state to end preventable blindness in Oregon.  

Learn more about becoming a volunteer.

Volunteers have fun making eye glasses with the hands as they help provide free eye screenings to participants

Partners in Success

OHSU Casey Eye Institute outreach programs make up just one link in an incredible and collaborative chain of community support. We cannot do it alone!

Our community partners are Oregon social service agencies, nonprofits, programs and safety net clinics that serve low-income, underinsured and uninsured people in communities across the state. We work together to bring health and well-being to those who need it most.

Interested in becoming a community partner?

We work with you to coordinate a vision screening event right on your doorstep.

  • Clinics are coordinated in advance with a community partner agency
  • Mobile screening event is held on location at the community partner’s site.
  • The community partner is responsible for identifying people within their community who most need these services, managing additional referrals or assisting with obtaining glasses after the vision screenings are complete.

Please contact us for more information about our community resources or becoming a partner at