Core Pilot Grant Program

Update:  November 30 - The University Shared Resources (USR) would like to thank those who applied for the FY2018 USR Pilot Fund Grants.  We received nearly double the number of applications from the previous year, and are working to process them all as quickly as possible.  We appreciate your patience in this process.  We hope to notify all applicants with a decision on or before Friday, December 8th.


The OHSU University Shared Resources program and the Senior Vice President for Research Office are soliciting grant applications for the USR Core Pilot Fund Grants program. Individual award amounts will vary depending on projected expenses in the proposed core and will be based on need. An upper limit of $10,000 is set for pilot awards utilizing higher-cost core resources and services, although applications of lower amounts may receive priority. The full award must be used in the cores specified in the grant application and only for the services described. A total of $100,000 is reserved for this funding mechanism in FY 2018.

Eligible costs are for core services associated with the development and submission of new grants, including consultation time, reagents, supplies and technical staff time for assisting investigators.


  • Applicants can use any OHSU core to be considered eligible to receive pilot funding money, but preference will be given to USR cores. Cores must receive all awarded funds. If a portion of the job must be sub-contracted, sub-contracts must be arranged by the core.
  • The competition is open to all OHSU faculty in all schools, institutes, and centers. Projects that support a trainee’s work are also eligible.
  • Previous awardees are eligible to apply with a new project, but new applicants may be given priority.
  • Please note:  Applicants must consult with the director of the designated core prior to application submission.

    Applications are due November 14 and awards will be announced November 30, 2017.