Fly Food Core

The Fly Food Core provides Yellow and Brown (German) Drosophila fly food to the labs at the Vollum Institute, as well as other researchers on and off the OHSU campus. The two types of food are available in a few preset size options.

  • Yellow food is available in narrow vials.
  • Brown food is available in wide vials and bottles.

Bottles and both sizes of vials are packaged on plastic wrapped trays. Bottle trays are 25-count and vial trays are 100-count.

The Fly Food Core is located on the fourth floor of the Vollum Institute, room 4410.

Yellow and brown fly food prepared by the Fly Food Core

Lead time for fly food production is one week. The Fly Food Core will not accept late orders for any reason.

Orders received before noon on Thursday will be available for Friday pickup one week later. Orders received after 12:01 pm on Thursday will be processed with the following week's orders, delaying pickup by one additional week.

Instructions to all labs for placing a fly food order

  • Fill out the Fly Food Order Form (15 kb) completely and email to
  • Weekly orders: submit completed form by noon on Thursday for Friday pickup the following week
  • Standing orders: submit a revised order by the first Thursday of each month

For more details, please contact the Vollum Fly Food Core at