The Flow Cytometry Shared Resource is one of several OHSU resources supported by the Knight NCI Cancer Center Support Grant. The grant ensures that management and support services are available for the researchers and programs of the OHSU Knight Cancer Institute.

We provide state-of-the-art flowcytometry instrumentation and associated expertise to all of OHSU and the surrounding scientific community. Our instruments include three high speed cell sorters, six benchtop flow cytometer analyzers, one CyTOF mass cytometer, one Luminex, one Miltenyi AutoMACS Pro-cell separator and a Beckman Coulter Vi-Cell cell counter.

It is also our mission to educate investigators, staff and students about flow cytometry principles and technology. The FCSR provides assistance with experiment design, cell sorting and data analysis. We also provide training to operate our cutting-edge flow cytometers. This allows investigators and their teams to run their own samples cutting experimental costs.

Flow Cytometry Core Informational Flyer

What's New?

We have moved into our new satellite flow facility at the new Knight Cancer Research Building. Our instruments at the KCRB include a BD FACSAria Fusion, BD FACSAria IIIu, BD Fortessa and Miltenyi MACSQuant.

We also have a new BD Symphony flow cytometer for our main lab at Richard Jones Hall. The Symphony has 5 lasers with up to 18 fluorescent parameters.

For scheduling, please use our iLab software.

The FCSR has site licenses for FlowJo and FCS Express (Flow and Image versions are available):

  • To obtain a site license, first download either FlowJo X or FCS Express, then emailDorian with a valid iLab alias to access the software.