Biostatistics and Bioinformatics Core

Suzi Fei, Ph.D., Core Director
Lucia Carbone, Ph.D., Faculty Advisor
Byung Park, Ph.D., Associate Core Director, Biostatistics
Lina Gao, Ph.D., Biostatistician
Ben Bimber, Ph.D., Computational Infrastructure
Hollis Wright, Ph.D., Bioinformatician
Melissa Yan, M.S., Bioinformatician
Brett Davis, M.S., Bioinformatician

The ONPRC Bioinformatics & Biostatistics Core (BBC) provides statistical and big data analysis support to ONPRC investigators and other scientists. The BBC brings together experts in statistics, computer science, and biology with the specialized skills required to analyze modern datasets. The core provides investigators access to cutting edge technologies and infrastructure without the need to hire specialized staff or purchase expensive hardware. 

The BBC supports project planning and study design as well as provides extensive support for grant development free of charge for investigators. Under a charge-back model, the core performs data analysis and manuscript preparation services falling in two main categories: 1) Biostatistics such as statistical genetics, longitudinal, survival, and high-throughput/high-dimensional omics data analysis;and 2) Bioinformatics such as DNA- and RNA-seq alignment, single cell DNA- and RNA-seq analysis, variant calling, differential expression and pathway analysis, data integration, online data submission, and custom script writing. The BBC's integrated structure comprising of experts with diverse training permits analysts to work together on projects that require multiple skillsets. Each analysis is customized to best fit the needs of the project and investigator. 

The BBC coordinates directly with other OHSU service units such as the Advanced Computing Center (ACC) and data generation cores (e.g. the sequencing core) to ensure data is generated, transferred and stored efficiently. 

Study Design

Project planning and experimental design assistance are provided free of charge. Consultation with the BBC about the study design is highly encouraged and should occur before gathering data in order to determine the correct study design and agree on deliverables. The BBC can also help with randomizing samples in order to minimize biases, such as before sequencing.

Grant Support

The BBC can provide (free of charge) any of the following to support grant applications:

  • Project planning and experimental design assistance.
  • A write-up of biostatistics and bioinformatics methods with references.
  • Review of the grant, particularly sections related to bioinformatics and bioinformatics.
  • Letter(s) of support.
  • A section describing the BBC for Facilities and Resources.
  • A senior PhD-level analyst to add as key personnel (if >5%FTE support is needed) or other significant contributor (with time billed hourly) along with their corresponding biosketch.
  • A junior analyst to add as other personnel (if >10%FTE support is needed).
  • Justification of personnel statement(s).
  • An estimate/budget to include in other expenses if work will be billed hourly.

Please, email Suzi Fei if you are planning to submit a grant that could benefit from this support.


Charges for analysis services, including publication preparation, are $100/hour (of staff time, not compute time). For complex or long-term projects, partial FTE support is also available. For some projects, we also have reasonable fees for compute resources, data storage, and software licenses to cover our costs. Please, email Suzi Fei if you are interested in a cost estimate.


Authorship is appreciated, especially for projects that involve significant intellectual contribution, time, and/or custom analyses. All publications using our services should include an acknowledgement statement such as:

The authors acknowledge the support of the Oregon National Primate Research Center's Bioinformatics & Biostatistics Core which is funded in part by the center's core grant (NIH/OD P51 OD011092). We specifically acknowledge the assistance of [analyst names and roles]. 

Organizational Chart

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