Information Systems Engineering

ITEThe mission of Information Systems Engineering (ISE) is to support the operational, research, and administrative missions of ONPRC while facilitating technical integration with the Oregon Health & Science University (OHSU) and other national primate research centers or consortiums.

Information Systems Engineering (ISE) comprises a technical resource that provides people, processes, and technology in support of ONPRC scientific, clinical and research programs, maintenance of animal resources, development and operation of business applications, and technical integration with OHSU and other institutions. ISE provides a crucial link for ONPRC integration with similar technology areas within the OHSU Main and West Campus. The primary integration is with the OHSU Information Technology Group (ITG) that provides network and telecommunications infrastructure, workstation support, enterprise-wide core applications, Advanced Computing Resources and customer support for the OHSU enterprise network. 

ISE services comprise yet are not strictly limited to: Software Application, Informatics, Computational and Database Services including support for the ONPRC Primate Records and Information Management system (PRIMe), Lab Information Management System (LIMS), internal ONPRC Web sites, and multimedia service for all ONPRC seminars, videoconferences and symposia. Services are currently provided for approximately 450 administrative, research and service personnel, located in multiple buildings and laboratories.