Neuroscience Intensive Care Unit

The program began in October 2005 as the first neurointensive care unit in Oregon.

Today, we are located in the OHSU Hospital, 7th Floor. The neuroscience intensive care unit is a specialized 17-bed unit dedicated to the treatment of patients who are critically ill secondary to nervous system disease.  We have immediate access to 24 hour CT and MRI diagnostic services and close proximity to the operating rooms and interventional neuroradiology suites which enables rapid access for routine or emergent operative interventions.

The neurosciences ICU was recently renovated to further optimize the way we provide care for our patients.  Several rooms were equipped with dedicated wiring for continuous electroencephalography (EEG).  It is constructed from modern materials which are designed to decrease the risk of infection with bed lifts installed to promote early mobilization and rehabilitation.  Space is optimized to enable multimodal brain monitoring.