Epilepsy Treatment

Epilepsy treatment options - health care team reviewing imaging

Our experts work to help people with epilepsy best live their lives – by stopping their seizures entirely, or significantly decreasing their frequency. The treatment options depend on many factors, including type of seizures, overall health and patient age.

First, our experts will use their experience and a wide range of tools and tests to diagnose your condition. Our center uses the most advanced technology available to better understand epilepsy – from magnetic resonance imaging and special scans of your brain to the special technology available in our new epilepsy monitoring unit.

Once we’ve learned more about what’s causing your seizures, we work with you to find the best medication that can help treat the seizures. If medication doesn’t help, we will then talk with you about a wide range of surgical options that might help. Those options include a minimally invasive procedure in which a laser helps precisely destroy the small area in your brain causing your seizures, or the implantation of a small device that can detect and stop your seizures before they start.

Throughout it all, you’ll know you’re in the care of a Level 4 epilepsy center. That designation means we have the most advanced tools available to give a complete evaluation of your epilepsy and the broadest range of surgical procedures to help treat it.