About Us

Division of Nephrology 2015 Faculty and Staff

Nephrologists are internists who specialize in treating patients with kidney disease and hypertension.

Our mission

  • Providing outstanding care for patients with kidney disease and hypertension.
  • Train students, residents, and post-doctoral fellows.
  • Conduct state-of-the-art research into causes, prevention and treatment of kidney disease and hypertension.

Designated Hypertension Center

The OHSU Comprehensive Hypertension Center specializes in the treatment of high blood pressure that is difficult to manage. Our center is accredited by the American Society of Hypertension (ASH). We offer individualized care through inpatient and outpatient consultation to patients who have hypertension in addition to other complex health conditions.

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Kidney transplant program

The OHSU kidney transplant program began in 1959 and to date has served more than 4,500 patients. We take a multidisciplinary approach for the care of our transplant patients, including Nephrologists and Urologists that have extensive experience treating kidney disease.

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Our research programs address fundamental processes that are relevant to kidney function in health and disease. We employ a variety of experimental model systems ranging from yeast to humans. Our collaborative faculty uses a wide array of techniques that include molecular biology, genetics, biochemistry and microscopy to study the physiology and biology of the kidney at the cellular and organismic level. We are also involved in several clinical trials.

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