Cardiorenal Program

In the OHSU Cardiorenal Program, we care for patients with complex heart and kidney disease. Specialists in both fields, led by Dr. Conrad Macon (cardiology, with Dr. Albert Camacho) and Dr. David Ellison (nephrology, with Dr. Rob Rope and Dr. Raghav Wusirika), assess patients and develop individualized treatment plans with the aim of improving heart and kidney function as possible, as well as preparing for advanced therapies (such as transplantation) if appropriate. The clinic works closely with specialty pharmacists in identifying and adjusting medications over time.

Patients are referred from their primary care providers or other specialists, as appropriate.  Patients will meet with multiple providers in a same-day in-person clinic visit to develop an individualized plan of care. As OHSU is a teaching institution, patients may also meet with students and physicians in training (residents or fellows) during their visit. Long term follow-up will take place either through the Cardiorenal Program or individual cardiology and nephrology clinics based on the patient’s needs.

Our Providers