Comprehensive Hypertension Program

In the OHSU Comprehensive Hypertension Program, we specialize in the treatment of complex high blood pressure (hypertension). Physicians in primary care or other specialties refer patients for evaluation on the cause and treatment of their hypertension. We offer individualized care to patients with hypertension that is resistant to traditional management, complicated by other health conditions (such as a high risk of cardiovascular disease), or due to an identifiable cause (known as secondary hypertension). Dr. Rob Rope is a board-certified hypertension specialist who serves as Program Director. The clinic participates in hypertension research trials which patients may be eligible for. 

Our team specializes in the assessment and treatment of secondary hypertension, which may be due to a blocked artery in the kidney, hormonal abnormalities, genetic abnormalities, or tumors. After a thorough diagnostic evaluation, a blood pressure management strategy tailored to each patient is developed and implemented. When indicated, Dr. Rope and our other clinic providers work closely with pharmacists, surgeons, and other providers who assist in the diagnosis and management of complicated hypertension cases. All patients are seen initially by nephrology fellows (internal medicine physicians receiving additional training in kidney disease and hypertension). Fellows are involved in the patient’s care throughout their academic year.

At times, we ask patients to wear a small, portable device for blood pressure monitoring. Called Ambulatory Blood Pressure Monitoring (APBM), this technique takes numerous measurements of a patient’s blood pressure over a 24-hour period. ABPM provides a more accurate picture of your blood pressure than a reading taken in the doctor’s office and can be used to assess overall cardiovascular risk.  In the clinic, office BP measurements are taken following a precise, automated clinical protocol to minimize erroneous measurements.

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To learn more about the management of hypertension in the primary care setting, please consider completing the following online CME activity (1.5 credit hours) created by Dr. Rope through the Stanford CME center.