Vulvar Health Program

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The Program in Vulvar Health is a specialty clinic devoted to the care of vulvovaginal (relating to the vulva and vagina) disorders. Founded in 1992 as a referral center for complex vulvovaginal problems, the program includes three gynecologists, a sex therapist and physical therapist.

Comprehensive approach

After initially meeting with one of our vulvar experts, your care will likely include a team of experts from a variety of specialty areas. Our providers understand that vulvovaginal symptoms present unique challenges to you, and often your partner. We are sensitive to your situation and offer an unmatched level of care and support. You are followed closely, often with your primary women’s health practitioner,and most women experience an improvement of their symptoms and a greater understanding of their personal condition.

Compassionate care

We are aware of the emotional, physical and sexual toll that vulvar and vaginal symptoms often take on your life. Our mission is to help you recuperate and maintain a level  of well being in all areas. For more information, please see:

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