Pregnancy and Childbirth Maternity Triage

Most deliveries start with a visit to the OB triage. Triage is located next to the Labor and Delivery center on the 12th floor of the hospital.

An expectant mother prepares for delivery in a birthing suite with an OHSU provider standing by

Maternity triage is where we will evaluate your labor symptoms and care for any urgent pregnancy concerns.

These can be very anxious times, but be assured that our doctors, nurses and nurse-midwives are experienced and knowledgable. We are here to monitor the health of you and your baby, provide information and help you understand what may come next.

You can expect

  • Experienced nurses, dedicated to your birthing support
  • Physician and nurse-midwife always on-site to see you
  • Attention to your birth plan
  • Inclusion of your birth partner and/or doula
  • Respect for your interests and choices


  • Free Wifi
  • Room service
  • Multiple coffee shops and restaurants for visiting family