For Skincare Professionals

A group of skincare professionals: make up artist, hair stylist, nail technician, tattoo artist, massage therapist
Image courtesy of IMPACT Melanoma

To combat rising skin cancer rates in Oregon and beyond we have launched a War on Melanoma™. As a critical part of our efforts, we are looking to partner with skincare professionals to broaden our messaging for skin cancer prevention and early detection.

While dermatologists may be the medical experts on skin, we are few and far between; NO ONE sees the amount of skin as you likely do in your profession!

To take advantage of this, we have developed a training curriculum to help skincare professionals identify something on the skin that “doesn’t look right”, empowering professionals like you to begin a dialogue that could lead to catching skin cancers before they become life-threatening. This would be a great step forward in keeping our communities, clients, and loved-ones safe.

A few specific ways to get involved:

Skinny on Skin E-Learning Module

Skinny on Skin skincare professionals training

Join the War (Get Involved)

Get involved in the War on Melanoma as a skincare professional