Scholarship and Loan forgiveness resources

The following list provides a sampling of the potential scholarship or loan forgiveness programs that are available to assist with funding your PA education.  These programs are not administered by the OHSU PA Program, so please refer to the links for additional information and contact information for each specific scholarship.

General Resources

OHSU scholarships

  • Scholars for a Healthy Oregon Initiative (SHOI)
    • Selected students receive tuition and fees covered for the full program.  Upon completion of the program, the recipient must practice at a designated service site for one year longer than the number of years they received funding.  A 3 year service commitment is required for PA recipients upon graduation.
  • OHSU PA Leadership & Service Scholarship (PALSS)
    • Application is available each fall to matriculated OHSU PA students.
    • PALSS is awarded to individuals who exemplify interest, action, and advocacy, as well as possess an established record, of service to others. The scholarships also recognize the applicant’s leadership potential and continuing service. Two scholarships are awarded – one to an academic year student and one to a clinical year student.  Although the award is primarily merit-based, financial need will also be considered.