MSHN Curriculum

Required courses

NUTN 503 Thesis or NUTN 506 Capstone, minimum of 6 credits

NUTN 505 Reading & Conferences, 2 credits

NUTN 507 Seminar, 1 credits

NUTN 508 Journal Club, 2 credits

NUTN 514 Nutrition Research and Scientific Communication, 3 credits

NUTN 521 Energy Metabolism, 3 credits

NUTN 522 Antioxidant, Bone, and Protein Metabolism, 3 credits

NUTN 527 Nutritional Epidemiology, 2 credits 

NUTN 529 A/B Nutritional Physiology, 6 credits

BSTA 525 Introduction to Biostatistics, 4 credits

Electives, variable to reach 45 credits total 

2023-2024 Course Descriptions

2023-2024 Academic Calendar

Recency of education

Students must show successful completion of prerequisite coursework, or evidence of relevant professional experience, within the past five years. If the student needs to complete additional coursework in order to meet "recency of education" requirements, the actual requirements will be determined on an individual basis following discussion between the program director and potential applicant. Completion of recommended requirements does not guarantee acceptance into the program.