Master of Science in Food Systems and Society

Two wooden spoons, one full of grain and one nearly empty.

Program overview

The Food Systems and Society (FSS) Master of Science program at Oregon Health & Science University integrates academic scholarship and lived experiences to examine concepts, perspectives, and strategies relevant to social problems, social justice, and social change in the food system.

Through lenses of class, gender, and race-ethnicity, students analyze how social conditions in the food system developed and study how they are addressed, perceived, and portrayed. Students develop new understanding and make a contribution to social justice in food systems and society through a Capstone project on a topic of particular interest to them.

A graduate degree in Food Systems and Society is applicable in a wide range of settings and fields that intersect with food system issues. Graduates are well-positioned to work in the policy arena, lead nonprofit organizations, serve as researchers and writers, create innovative enterprises, or enhance their existing professional engagements with food-systems-focused knowledge and skills.

The FSS program welcomes students from any academic background and the program’s hybrid modality, with online courses and two in-person intensives each year (COVID-19 guidance permitting), offers students from a wide range of locations and backgrounds the opportunity to share with and learn from each other.

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