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100% Geriatric Medicine Board Pass Rate
70% Remain in the Portland-Vancouver Metro Area
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“I chose the OHSU geri fellowship because it offered experiences in nearly all the medical locations in Portland.  I was interested in living and working here, so I got to meet geriatricians all over town in multiple settings – this was a great opportunity to network.” [Geriatric Medicine Hospitalist]

“I chose OHSU for my geriatric fellowship because I completed a clinical geriatric rotation during my residency and I loved the people involved with the program. I really liked the flexibility of choosing your types of rotations that you could focus upon that could help with your job as an attending physician and tailor to what you would be doing after graduation. I really like that the program director is a wound specialized physician as I do mainly nursing home care and it has helped my knowledge tremendously in this arena. I feel that the fellowship gave me a lot of confidence in taking care of elderly patients and I learned as much in 1 year at the fellowship about geriatrics as I did in 3 years of internal medicine residency. “[Medical Director 3 Long-Term Care Facilities]

After IM residency, where I trained with a lot of older patients, I knew I had to be equipped with additional skill set in my armamentarium - Geriatrics was the obvious choice. I wanted to be trained in a part of the country that was very progressive in Geriatric care. Portland was a great place aside from everything else and the best of everything I wanted came together there. I particularly liked the good exposure to geriatric orthopedics, rotations at the VA and hospice/palliative care. Those still serve me good, in my practice and in training the IM residents for the future.” [Associate Professor of Medicine]

“I chose OHSU for fellowship because I when was finishing residency, knew I wanted to do. Fellowship has absolutely opened doors for me, I was able to work at the local PACE which was a dream job coming out of training.  Through fellowship I received a scholarship to attend AMDA and also had the chance to learn about AAHCM, meetings that gave me a broader perspective of home care medicine and helped me find my path to my current career.” [Associate Medical Director of Senior Health organization]

“I picked OHSU because I was also looking for the right mix of inpatient (2 months was perfect, especially at a unique program like the Legacy hip fracture service), CLC, nursing home and outpatient. Geriatrics is unique in that it encompasses all practice settings and OHSU had a nice balance of all of them. I also found Portland to be a very desirable location. The fellowship helped me gain expertise in geriatric syndromes which in turn helps maximize quality of life for older adults. Additionally I gained skills to more aptly guide patients through decisions about medical care in late life and end of life. “ [Medical Director of Home-Based Primary Care Program]