Didactic Curriculum

Complex Case Conference

These are weekly joint sessions between the Addiction Psychiatry and Addiction Medicine fellows and faculty. The group comes together to discuss patient encounters and problem solve questions or concerns related to patient care and addiction services. An OHSU librarian is also present to help navigate the current literature surronding the topics and questions raised during each session. Complex case conferences are held every Tuesday from 2:30pm-3:25pm. 

Teaching Conference

These are weekly learning sessions that cover topics ranging from “Protocols for Buprenorphine Microinduction” to “Trauma Informed Care” to research reviews and case conferences. These are hybrid, in-person and via WebEx, and they are recorded for archived viewing. Teaching conferences are held every Tuesday from 3:30-4:30pm.

Journal Club

Journal club is primarily fellow-driven in an effort to stay on top of pertinent and applicable addiction literature. We collaborate with other OHSU departments (toxicology and transplant hepatology) to enrich our journal club discussions. Each fellow is expected to present once during the academic year. The program coordinator will arrange and schedule the fellow driven talks during the start of the fellowship.

Case Conference/M&M

Case Conference and M&M is primarily fellow-driven. Fellows have two options: 1.) Present and analyze a case with an adverse outcomes and consideration modifications to care and systems of care that would prevent those outcomes in the future. 2.) Presentation and discussion of a particularly difficult or interesting case. Each fellow is expected to present once during the academic year. The program coordinator will arrange and schedule the fellow driven talks during the start of the fellowship.

Research in Progress

The Division of Internal Medicine hosts a Research in Progress (RIP) seminar every Tuesday from September through June. Researchers from OHSU and affiliate institutions share their current work and receive feedback from their experienced colleagues. Fellows are encouraged to attend when addiction topics are presented or if they are interested in pursuing research. RIP seminars are held every Tuesday from 2:00pm-3:20pm. 

Project ECHO

Fellows participate in telehealth experiences through Project ECHO. This is an evidence-based intervention that links specialist teams with generalists through telemedicine clinics. OHSU has five ECHO clinics that address substance use disorders. In addition, OHSU works closely with the Northwest Portland Area Indian Health Board to deliver ECHO clinics addressing management of substance use disorders in Indian Country. In each ECHO clinic, an interprofessional team of experts share their expertise via mentoring, guidance, feedback and didactic education. Fellows are required to attend and participate in the ECHO clinics at least weekly and are expected to deliver at least two didactic sessions for participating clinicians. These experiences expose fellows to evidence-based didactics and to the struggles and strengths of primary care providers treating SUDS in rural Oregon and Indian Country. Outpatient ECHO is held on Tuesdays from 12-1pm.  Other ECHO times vary depending on the service rotation.

Other Learning Options

  • Grand Rounds: Fellows are encouraged to attend addiction-related grand rounds if they are available
  • Mentored self-directed study
  • A collection of online self-study and learning resources from national addiction medicine entities including ACAAM- each fellow will have a membership as part of the program
  • CME and annual national conference 
  • Volunteering and Moonlighting (Portland Street Medicine or any other local organization)
  • Quality Improvement Project