About Us

The section of Health Promotion & Sports Medicine was established in 1994 by clinicians united in their interest in exercise as medical therapy and advancing the understanding of promoting healthy lifestyles. The section, its Human Performance Clinic and research activities are a unique aspect of the Division of General Internal Medicine and Geriatrics at OHSU.

Faculty and staff

Kerry Kuehl, MD, DrPH
Section Chief, Health Promotion & Sports Medicine
Co-Medical Director, Portland Fire & Rescue

Diane Elliot, MD, FACSM
Professor of Medicine

Diane Stadler, PhD, RD
Director, Graduate Programs in Human Nutrition
Associate Professor

Carol DeFrancesco, MALS, RDN, LD
Senior Research Associate
Member, Motivational Interviewing Network of Trainers
Registered Dietitian Nutritionist
Faculty, Graduate Programs Human Nutrition

Alex Kanable, BS
Exercise Physiologist
Research Assistant

Wendy McGinnis, MA
Senior Research Associate

Susanna Ek, BS
Senior Clinical Research Assistant
Exercise Physiologist

Aria Allensis
PAS Specialist

Health promotion and sports medicine

Oregon Health & Science University
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Center for Health and Healing 1 (CHH1), Floor 12

Suite 12102
Portland, OR 97239-3098

Phone: 503 494-6813

Fax: 503 494-1310

E-mail: allensis@ohsu.edu