Sweet Journey to a Sugar-coated Trail: Protein glycosylation & secretion in Gram-positive bacteria

Dr. Hu Wui, Oregon Health & Science University

October 12, 2021
12 p.m. to 1 p.m.


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Lisa Gurung


The presentation will discuss the discovery of a new family of serine-rich glycoproteins and a genomic island responsible for biosynthesis of the glycosylated serine-rich proteins highly conserved in many Gram-positive bacteria. I will present the data that uncover how a series of glycosyltransferases sequentially add glycan moieties to the serine-rich protein, and how an accessory secretion machinery consisting of a 3-complex operates to process the sugarcoated precursor  that is exported to the bacterial cell surface.  I will also briefly introduce other ongoing studies in the lab in the areas of polymicrobial interactions, and small molecule inhibitors of pathogenic biofilms.     

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