"Delta cell regulation of beta cell function" presented by Maria Golson, Ph.D. Assistant Professor, John Hopkins University

April 19, 2022
12 p.m. to 1 p.m.
3232 SW Research Drive
Portland, Oregon 97239
M1441 Vollum Auditorium

HYBRID seminar (in-person and virtual)
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Maria Golson CPB Seminar April 19

Maria Golson, Ph.D. Assistant Professor of Medicine,
Division of Endocrinology, John Hopkins University 

Maria Golson CPB Seminar April 19

"Delta cell regulation of beta cell function"

Diabetes is a rising threat to global health. The failure of the insulin secreting beta cell to adapt to increased insulin demand is one cause of diabetes. Beta-cell function is controlled both by intrinsic factors, such as transcription factors that drive the expression of genes important for insulin secretion, and extrinsic factors, such as signaling molecules from other islet endocrine cells. My lab is currently investigating 1) how the transcription factor FoxM1 affects beta cell function and 2) how signaling through the delta cell contributes to glucose homeostasis.