Make an Appointment

New patients require a referral placed by their PCP or referring provider before scheduling an appointment.

New patient registration 

Patients require a referral placed by their PCP or referring provider before an appointment can be scheduled. If you are new to OHSU, you will need to register as a patient and provide your insurance information prior to your appointment by contacting registration directly 503 494-8505

1) Please register as directed above.

2) Verify with your insurance if prior authorization or referral is required. See insurance and payment information below.

3) Once you have registered call 503 494-3273 to schedule an appointment.

4) Our new patient medical form will be sent to you before your first appointment, please bring this completed form to your appointment.

Has your insurance changed since your last visit? If so, please call 503 494-3273 to provide updated insurance information. 

  • Some patients' insurance requires that the patient obtain a referral or authorization or the company will not pay for medical services.
  • If you have questions, contact your insurance company. If your insurance requires you to obtain an authorization or referral and you do not have one at the time of the visit, you will need to register as a "self-pay" patient. 
  • Authorization questions? Please call 503 494-3273, press option 1.

Please note: If you do not have authorization from your insurance company at the time of your visit, you may be required to pay a deposit and will be billed directly for the remainder of the balance.

  • Medication/prescription information including pharmacy phone number
  • For face-to-face appointments bring your diabetes devices for download:
    • Blood testing device
    • Insulin pump
    • CGM (Continuous Glucose Monitoring) device
  • Lab reports (Bring recent lab reports from non-OHSU providers)
  • New patient packet, if applicable
  • Co-pay, if applicable
  • See our televisit page for appointment technology preparation and diabetes data uploading details (1-3 days prior to your visit)

  • If you cannot keep your appointment, please call our clinic as soon as possible. We ask you to commit to giving us 24 hours’ notice if you need to reschedule an appointment.  By giving us notice, we can offer your appointment to another patient in need.  When you call, we will help you reschedule for another day and time.

Important: If your health status or life events prohibit you from giving notice more than twice, your provider will discuss pausing your care until you can commit to scheduled appointments and this may influence your ability to receive prescription medications. Regularly scheduled visits are essential to maintaining your diabetes care.