For Healthcare Professionals

At the Harold Schnitzer Diabetes Health Center, we partner with community physicians to ensure patients receive the best diabetes care available. Our diabetes team includes:

Adult & pediatric endocrinologists

  • Certified Diabetes Educators
  • Nurse Practitioner
  • Registered Nurses
  • Registered Dietitians
  • Adult & Pediatric Psychologist
  • Pediatric Diabetes Social Worker
  • Exercise Physiologist

We are also involved in diabetes clinical research. This gives patients an opportunity to participate in studies and benefit from new research findings. Our center is a leader in developing and utilizing innovative technology for diabetes care.

  1. Please complete a Physician Consultation Request Form
  2. Fax the form, with supporting medical documents to: 503-418-2208 or use OHSU Connect.
  1. Please complete a Diabetes Education Referral Form
  2. Fax the form to: 503-346-6904

Please call: 503-494-4704
Have your patient complete our Diabetes Research Online Form​​​​​​​

Training programs

OHSU endocrinology clinical case conferences

The purpose of Clinical Case Conferences is to improve healthcare provider competency and performance, enhancing the health status of our patient population with a focus on disorders of the endocrine system in both adults and children.

Clinical Case Conferences are free and open to all medical providers from OHSU and non-OHSU hospitals, community and private practice clinics. Clinical Case Conferences are also open to the public. Medical providers can receive CME by filling-out a brief online survey located in the link below.
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OHSU endocrinology fellowship

The OHSU Endocrinology Fellowship is a three-year program that provides high quality clinical and research training in endocrinology.
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OHSU dietetic internship

The OHSU dietetic internship includes a comprehensive two-week rotation in the Harold Schnitzer Diabetes Health Center. Interns receive valuable exposure to the nutritional and general management of patients with type 1 and type 2 diabetes.

The OHSU dietetic internship lasts 10 months. It starts the day after Labor Day and ends in mid to late June.
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