Behavioral Health and Diabetes

The Harold Schnitzer Diabetes Health Center is at the forefront of diabetes care in the United States, providing both medical and behavioral health care for people living with diabetes. We understand that diabetes care requires a comprehensive approach which is why behavioral health care is embedded in our clinic.

Support groups

We offer support groups for adults (18+) living with diabetes and people who are caring for someone with diabetes. These groups are participant-driven, free, and open to the public.

How can our behavioral health team support you?


At the Harold Schnitzer Diabetes Health Center, we have psychologists who provide individualized care for children, teens, and adults living with and/or supporting someone with diabetes. Our psychologists support you in the various aspects of life that may impact diabetes care. Such challenges may include diabetes distress, anxiety, or other chronic health issues that can complicate or interfere with diabetes care. 

Social Work

At the Harold Schnitzer Diabetes Health Center, our clinical social worker is available to support patients and families with the challenges that they may face. Our goal is to support you in making sure that your needs are met, even those that are not related to diabetes. Our social worker is available to meet with patients to help solve problems, connect you with community resources, and provide brief behavioral health interventions. In addition, our social worker facilitates monthly support groups.