Linkage Project: Information for Potential Participants 

The Oregon Office on Disability and Health has a new health program called the Linkage Project. The Linkage Project can connect you with health care and ways to be healthy in your community! 

The Linkage Project may be for you if: 

  • you have a health need that is not being met 

  • you have a health goal you want to work on 

  • you want to learn about your health and wellbeing 

  • you want to connect with resources to better your health  

You will be asked if you want to: 

  • tell us about your health and health care 

  • share what your health goals are 

  • learn about preventive health care and healthy habits 

  • share your information with the Oregon Office on Disability and Health 

For this project, you will meet about 5 times with a Linkage Team Member over a 3-month period of time. These meetings will be on the phone or on Zoom.

Select the button below for an example timeline of Linkage Activities:

If you are interested or have questions, talk with your case manager. They will contact the Linkage Project Team about next steps. We are looking forward to speaking with you! 

Linkage Project Team 

Emily Dinwiddie Headshot
Emily Dinwiddie M.Ed.
Kelsey Portrait
Kelsey Weinstein M.A.