Linkage Project: Information for Case Managers

** Now accepting nominations from case management entities! **

The Linkage Project connects adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities (I/DD) with unmet needs to preventive health care and health promotion programs in their community. 

The Linkage Project is a 10-state Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) pilot project in collaboration with Oregon Developmental Disability Services (ODDS).

The project is happening for four years. It started in Southwest Oregon, but is now open to all case management entities across the state that are interested in working with the Linkage Project Team. 

The Oregon Office on Disability and Health (OODH) Linkage Project Team is seeking referrals for individuals who may benefit from Linkage Project activities.

The Linkage Project Team works with participants over a 3-month period to provide education about preventive health care as well as individualized linkages to providers and programs that can help address their unmet needs.

Select the button below for an example timeline of Linkage activities:

Eligibility for Linkage Project candidates: 

  • have I/DD

  • 18 years or older 

  • live in Oregon 

  • able to connect with Linkage Project Team on Zoom or phone 

  • have a specific unmet preventive health need (PDF linked here for examples)

  • want to increase their health knowledge and get connected to resources  

Please reach out to the OODH Linkage Project Team at with any questions or concerns. Thank you for supporting this project!  

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Kelsey Weinstein, M.A.
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Emily Dinwiddie, M.Ed.

Linkage Project: Nomination and Referral Guide for Case Managers 

1. Case Manager completes Linkage Candidate Nomination with potential Candidates. 

2. Linkage Project Team reviews nominations monthly and notifies Case Manager of accepted Candidates to participate in the Linkage Project as Linkage availability allows. 

3. Case Manager delivers Linkage Project: Information for Potential Participants to accepted Candidates. 

OPTIONAL: Case Manager requests via an informational meeting between Linkage Project Team member and interested Candidate. 

4. Case Manager completes Release of Information (ROI) with the Participant according to their agency’s policy. 

5. Linkage Project Team sends Case Manager Linkage Participant Referral form and Case Manager completes with Participant's relevant information.

6. Linkage Project Team confirms receipt of Linkage Participant Referral form and begins engagement with Participant on Linkage activities. 

7. Linkage Project Team works with Participant for 3 months. Case Managers will receive a Linkage Plan (outline of health education and goals agreed upon with participant) and can check in as needed during this time with the Linkage Team.

8. Linkage Project Team sends Case Manager Post Linkage Follow-Up form with relevant information about Linkage Project takeaways and Participant outcomes.  

Please reach out to the OODH Linkage Project Team at with any questions, concerns, or feedback about the project. We also hope to see you at our quarterly ODDS meetings where we will be troubleshooting Linkage Project challenges and working on systems change. We appreciate your support with this project!