Responsive Practice Provider Training

The Oregon Office on Disability and Health is offering health care professionals the opportunity to engage in two virtual trainings on providing health care to people with disabilities. The training is free for participants, and providers who successfully complete one or more of the trainings can elect to receive free continued education credits. The training features two separate modules:   

  • Responsive Practice: Providing Health Care and Screenings helps providers describe disparities in health experienced by people with disabilities, recognize barriers people with disabilities face when accessing health care and preventive service, and acquire strategies and approaches to provide disability-competent, responsive care.   Access the Providing Health Care and Screenings training here

  • Responsive Practice: Accessible and Adaptive Communication emphasizes that patients with disabilities are competent to understand, communicate, and participate in their own care. The training helps providers identify and use alternative methods of communication, and set clear and reasonable expectations for future communications to be successful. Access the Accessible and Adaptive Communication training here

Both modules are offered virtually and on-demand, allowing participants to complete the training when it works best for them. These trainings are free, and the content is useful for health care providers and all frontline health care staff.  

The training comes from The New Hampshire Disability and Health Program. 

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