Health and Disability Training

Webinar: Supporting Oregonians with Disabilities to be Tobacco Free

by Angela Weaver of Oregon Office on Disability and Health, Shira Pope of Oregon  Health Authority, and Alicia Dixon-Ibarra of Special Olympics Oregon, offered November 29, 2017

Description: Oregonians with disabilities are more likely to use tobacco than Oregonians without disabilities. And yet, people with disabilities are just as likely to want to quit tobacco as people without disabilities.

The following webinar explains: 

  1. Tobacco related data for Oregonians with and without disabilities;
  2. Establishing or enhancing a tobacco-free policy for your facility or organization;
  3. Encouraging caregivers to quit;
  4. Promoting insurance-based self-management benefits to staff and clients;
  5. Supporting community-based organizations and programs to make referrals to the Oregon Quit Line;
  6. Accessing Living Well with Chronic Conditions and other self-management programs; and
  7. Promoting cessation messages throughout your organization.

Transcript for the webinar can be found here.

PowerPoint slides of webinar can be found here.

The webinar is captioned.