Resources for Families of Children Birth to 5

Parents tell us...

Tiny Asian girl reaching for an apple

"Those first few months were really hard. I did not get enough sleep and had to make important decisions about my child's future. I second-guessed and worried."

"Sometimes my friend and I just stuck the girls in their strollers and walked, talked, and worried. Then we would take them out and remember to just play with them."

"Looking back to the early years, I was the most important person in my child's life. It was both a burden and a joy."

Play and recreation ages 0-5

Play is an important part of your child's life.  Play builds your child's brain, her relationship with you, the world, and others.  Learn about opportunities for your child to have fun.

Social-emotional and behavioral health: infancy and early childhood

Childcare and respite care resources

There are times when we need help to care for our kids. Children need care where they can grow, with caregivers who understand their needs and development. Find childcare and respite that suits your needs

Education and early learning: birth to five

Earliest experiences set us up for success in school and life; it is more than ABCs and 123s. Learn about your baby's learning world.

Service and emotional support animals

Animals can be a source of emotional and physical support, but they are also a lot of responsibility. Learn about service animals.

Special health needs essentials

If you have a child with special health needs, they will probably interact with one or more systems in Oregon