The RITE Study

Broadening our understanding of technology and healthcare

The RITE Study (Research via Internet of Technology and Experience) helps researchers better understand how technology and healthcare impact our diverse communities. The study addresses the need for more inclusive clinical research and more innovative healthcare solutions.

RITE is unique because it uses online surveys to collect data from thousands of participants of various ages and backgrounds. Participants answer questions about healthcare, technology and what role technology plays in their health and well-being. Instead of traveling to a clinic, participants can contribute to research from the comfort of their home, on a more regular and real-time basis.

By reaching a wider audience and learning about their preferences and opinions, researchers will be better able to develop more inclusive projects, design improved healthcare technologies and incorporate healthcare solutions that work for a wider and more diverse array of people. 

Join the RITE Study

Participation takes place online. Researchers send surveys over email, which participants can fill out using a computer, tablet or smartphone.

Participants also receive periodic newsletters with updates about survey results.  

Please contact Sarah Gothard, the RITE study coordinator, for more information about:

  • registering for the study
  • using RITE data in a research project or publication
  • collaborating with the RITE study team

Send an email to 

Older woman uses laptop while relaxing on the couch at home

Improving healthcare

By better understanding people's needs, researchers will be better able to develop healthcare solutions suited to them. The RITE study aims to better understand:

  • People's health and healthcare preferences and behaviors
  • What types of technologies people would want to incorporate into their healthcare
  • How collecting information over the Internet can improve healthcare

Featured surveys

RITE participants shared their opinions and thoughts in these past surveys. Researchers compiled the data and shared the results.