Elder Care

ORCATECH is invested in supporting "Aging in Place," and promoting technologies that allow elders to live independently at home for as long as possible. Our technology platform is installed across hundreds of research participants' homes, allowing for new technologies to be tested and a large swath of data to be collected. 

Researchers have recently embarked on studies that engage elder care facilities. These studies can provide administrators and staff with data about their own residents. By including the ORCATECH platform in the conversation, we hope to improve the efficacy of major healthcare decisions and transitions. 

Dr. Tamara Hayes discusses how ORCATECH's research promotes healthy, independent aging.

ORCATECH satellite sites

One advantage of the ORCATECH technology platform is that it can be installed in any location that has access to broadband Internet. 

If you are interested in setting up our technology platform in your residential facility, please message Nicole Sharma at sharmani@ohsu.edu.