ORCATECH has an extensive history of working with industry partners to reduce the costs of clinical trials and improve their efficacy, to assist in device development and testing, and to provide complex data sets and algorithms for data mining.

ORCATECH has collaborated with many industry sectors (consumer electronics, medical devices, pharmaceuticals) on projects ranging from medical device development to extended clinical trials.

How ORCATECH Collaborates with the Industry Sector

Data collected by the ORCATECH technology platform is analyzed by researchers, who use algorithms to identify any changes or trends associated with behavioral health and wellness. Identifying these changes and trends helps clinicians better understand patients' needs, the intricacies of certain medical conditions and how to improve medical processes. 

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Our team can assist in the design and development of health technology products, from creating initial design concepts to testing products with our Life Lab research participants. 

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ORCATECH collects an immense amount of data on a continuous basis, and then uses (or designs) algorithms that find patterns, anomalies, trends and correlations within data sets. These patterns can be used to predict outcomes, detect changes, and figure out how and why these patterns occur.  

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ORCATECH develops systems that make it easier for people to live independently at home as they age. Additionally, we regularly collaborate with continuing care organizations to assess and improve their care processes. 

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ORCATECH often partners with business start-ups and medical technology engineers to develop new medical technology. 

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