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ORCATECH organizes lectures, meetings and seminars, including Council Meetings, and our researchers attend numerous national and international conferences each year. 

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Jeff Kaye, MD talks about ADRD clinical trials and digital technologies with the UC San Diego Shiley-Marcos Alzheimer's Disease Research Center.
Miranda Lim, MD, PhD shares the latest research from TWLITE, one of ORCATECH's pilot studies. 

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There are no upcoming events at the moment. 

ORCATECH Council meetings

Since 2004, researchers, community advocates, technology experts and others have been sharing their ideas at ORCATECH Council meetings. During each meeting, experts of healthcare, biotechnology, social gerontology and other fields present their latest findings. 

Featured past presenters

Presentation Title: Technology for aging and neurodegeneration: where we are and where to go

Presentation Topic: Dr. Mancini's research focus is on using wearable technologies to characterize movement and brain activity in aging and neurodegeneration. Dr. Mancini explained how sensory information can shed light on how people with cognitive or movement impairements walk. 

Presentation Title: Clinician Perceptions of Aging Services Technologies (CPAST)

Presentation Topic: Dr. Davis discussed her ORCATECH pilot project, called CPAST. The project determined what primary care clinicians need (in regards to infrastructure, communication methods) to incorporate data from in-home monitoring technologies into their care plans for their older adult patients. Because clinicians and patients in remote and rural areas may be the most likely to benefit from these technologies, this study was conducted with primary care clinicians practicing in rural Oregon.

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Antoine Piau M.D., Ph.D.

Presentation Title: Frailty monitoring, an overview of ongoing projects in Toulouse University Hospital

Presentation Topic: Toulouse University Hospital in France has developed a national frailty network. Frailty screening is conducted by a general practitioner, using a short survey. They often send patients to a geriatric day hospital for an assessment of fraility and a personalized intervention plan. A major weakness of this process is the lack of follow-up over time. The hospital is developing several tools to monitor frailty parameters at home: a smart insole to monitor gait speed and activity (called RESPECT), several connected devices to follow grip strength and balance over time (called FRAGIL-IT) but also smart home solutions for isolated frail person’s tele-assistance (called 3PEGASE).

Headshot of Charles Consel, international collaborator with ORCATECH

Presentation Title: HomeAssist: An assisted living platform for aging in place based on an interdisciplinary approach

Presentation Topic: To address the many challenges of aging in place, we have been working on a project to design, develop, deploy, and assess an assisted living platform for frail older adults, named HomeAssist. This platform factors in psychology, aging, and computer science. HomeAssist offers an online catalog of assistive applications that cover daily activities, safety, and social participation. Users had a positive experience with HomeAssist during a recent field study. 

Title of presentation: Automatic assessment of cognitive tests for differentiating Mild Cognitive Impairement

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Presentation Title: Developing a mixed-methods method to model elderly health technology adoption with fuzzy cognitive map, and its application in adoption of remote health monitoring technologies by elderly women

Presentation Topic: Low adoption of health technologies, particularly among elderly women, keeps them from benefiting from technology advances. There is a need for new approaches that facilitate the creation of new technologies that can be used within the elderly health sector. This research applies qualitative and quantitative techniques (including cognitive mapping and analysis) to design a new modeling approach and apply it to the adoption of wearables by elderly women.

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Due to the pandemic, meetings are now held online.

The next virtual Council meeting will be held in autumn 2022.  

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