News stories by year

Can your car tell if you have dementia?
Car and Driver Magazine, October 2018

Participants in dementia prevention research motivated by altruism
Medical Xpress, October 2018

Living smarter: How tech is disrupting the home
Wall Street Journal Podcasts, August 2018

Recruiting local area veterans for CART 
Tillamook County Pioneer, August 2018

Aging research technology
Oregon Public Broadcasting, Think Out Loud, August 2018

A tech test to keep seniors in their homes longer
The Wall Street Journal, July 2018

Rising use of consumer devices in clinical trials has pharma hungry for data standards
MobiHealth News, June 2018

Tech leaders head the management 250
The Wall Street Journal, May 2018

Clues to Parkinson's and Alzheimer's from how you use your computer
The Wall Street Journal, May 2018

The intersection of hardware and humanity
Al Jazeera, TechKnow program, December 2017

Preserving memories to maintain cognitive health
OHSU News, November 2017

Can reminiscing improve brain health for black seniors? 
Oregon Public Broadcasting (OPB), Think Out Loud, August 2017

Black seniors test reminiscing to guard against Alzheimer's 
Associated Press, July 2017

Walk on
Oregon Humanities, April 2017

NIH initiative tests in-home technology to help older adults age in place
NIH News, January 2017

Keeping up with social media and technology
New Hampshire Magazine, December 2015 

The hot new demographic: Seniors
The Straits Times, December 2015

As aging population grows, so do robotic health aides 
The New York Times, December 2015

Tracking changes in the brain through daily tasks
Jefferson Public Radio (JPR), November 2015

OHSU discovers a better way to measure Alzheimer's progression
Portland Business Journal, October 2015

OHSU research helps predict who will get Alzheimer's disease
The Oregonian, July 2015

Still learning after all these years at the Senior Studies Institute 
The Oregonian, November 2011

The new target demographic: Baby boomers 
CBS News, June 2011

Elder care goes high tech 
Los Angeles Times, June 2011

Intel, OHSU unite on health initiative 
Portland Business Journal, March 2011

In a graying population, business opportunity 
The New York Times, February 2011

Watch the walk and prevent the fall 
The New York Times, November 2009

Sensors help keep the elderly safe and at home 
The New York Times, February 2009

Wired science 
Portland Monthly, December 2008

Assisted living gets techie 
Portland Business Journal, October 2008

Remote control: Frail seniors embrace home monitoring 
The Wall Street Journal, November 2007