ORCASTRAIT pilot study funding

Application overview

ORCASTRAIT focuses on improving ADRD care provider (CP) support by facilitating the wise use of leading-edge technologies to conduct and inform promising scalable intervention studies. The overall objective of ORCASTRAIT’s Pilot Core is to support innovative pilot studies necessary to inform ongoing and future research consistent with the ORCASTRAIT aims-to substantially improve the science of care provider interventions, enabling the research community to build and deliver evidence based, standardized, and measured interventions grounded in sound principles of technology research and development. These are then intended to be translated into wider application.

Pilot research must involve a clinical trial (control conditions not necessary) and be feasible within a one-year time period. These projects also should reflect familiarity with the NIH Stage Model for Behavioral Intervention Development.

The Pilot Core is funded by the NIA-funded ORCASTRAIT Roybal Center and will support two innovative projects each year. Each project is awarded with up to $95,000 in direct costs for one year. 

  • Work leading to innovative care provider intervention research advantaged or enhanced by technology
  • Pilots that tangibly move an intervention closer toward later Stage Model destinations
  • Pilots that engage early career, women, and minority researchers or established investigators applying their old knowledge into this new area of research
  • Feasibility of completion in one year
  • Likelihood of competitiveness of next submission
  • Literature supports this as a novel intervention
  • Plans incorporate insights/perspectives of end-users in pilot design
  • Appropriate research team qualifications and experience
  1. RFA with Letter of Intent (LOI)
  2. LOIs reviewed for priority criteria
  3. Those meeting criteria submit NIH-style proposals
  4. Peer reviewed and scored
  5. Executive Committee makes decision
  6. Final approval by NIA

Letter of Intent application

The first step in submitting an application for pilot study funding is completing a Letter of Intent (LOI). 

Key dates

Letter of Intent (LOI) deadline: December 9, 2022

Application deadline: January 13, 2023

Project dates: June 2023 - May 2024

Maximum direct costs: $95,000

Number of awards given: 2

Application instructions

A comprehensive list of what is needed in your project application 

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