Using technology to support families who care for those with dementia

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STELLA-R (Support via Technology: Living and Learning with Advancing Dementias-Revised) offers education and support to family care partners (also known as caregivers). Based on the original “STAR-C” program and our Tele-STELLA study, STELLA-R aims to provide care partners with skills to manage the challenges that come with dementia and introduce resources that may assist along the way.

STELLA-R is an online research study that teaches family care partners a method for handling the difficulties that come with caring for a family member with dementia. Using a designated website, family care partners complete 8 weekly lessons. The website also provides many resources to help navigate the caregiving journey. Study participation lasts up to 6 months from start to finish.

Our research goal is to find out if STELLA-R is effective. STELLA-R teaches strategies for managing challenging behaviors and gives resources to support care partners through their caregiving journey.

What to expect in STELLA-R

This study is for anyone who cares for a family member with dementia. We define family as anyone you think of as "family," such as a relative, close friend, or partner. They do not have to be related by blood.

Participation includes the following:

  • 8 online, self-directed weekly lessons viewed on the STELLA-R website. A new lesson is available each week.
  • 4 online assessments that ask questions about mood, coping, and behaviors during the study period (about 6 months).
  • Short (2-10 minutes) weekly online surveys that ask questions about stress.
  • An optional focus group.

Gift cards of $30 may be provided to care partners that finish all study activities.

This research study is funded by the Oregon Health & Science University Foundation through a grant from the Hart Family Foundation.

Principal Investigator



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Christina Zonker, BA

STELLA-R Research Coordinator

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Emily Tupper, BA

STELLA-R Research Assistant

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Stephanie Irish

STELLA-R Technology Assistant

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