ORCATECH uses and develops technologies that can assess everyday home-based activities, providing millions of hours of real-world and real-time data. We focus on translating that data into actionable health and wellness outcomes, improving the aging experience. 

ORCATECH is supported by the NIA as a Roybal Center (the Oregon Roybal Center for CAre Support Translational Research Advantaged by Integrating Technology - ORCASTRAIT) and is closely integrated with the Layton Aging and Alzheimer's Disease Research Center at OHSU.

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ORCASTRAIT facilitates the wise use of technology to improve care provider support, affording the ready capacity to conduct (or “orchestrate”) intervention research by providing a ready infrastructure to conduct studies and to train and educate researchers in the optimal use and application of technology in their interventions. 

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CART (Collaborative Aging Research using Technology) is an initiative supported by the National Institutes of Health and the Department of Veterans Affairs to enable our national research enterprise to use digital technologies to improve aging research.  An open, technology agnostic and sharable end-to-end technology platform deployed to multiple homes in North America has been established and is available to the research community.  

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Digital Biomarkers (Special edition issue)
The Collaborative Aging Research Using Technology Initiative: An open, sharable, technology-agnostic platform for the research community
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Journal of Aging and Social Policy
When going digital becomes a necessity: Ensuring older adults' needs for information, services, and social inclusion during COVID-19.
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