The E-FIND Study

Using technology to study how financial behaviors change with age

The E-FIND study (Electronic Financial Indicators of Neurodegenerative Disease) is helping researchers better understand the relationship between cognitive health and financial behavior.

E-FIND is unique as it uses online software to track changes in financial behavior. The software, developed by EverSafe to protect older adults’ finances against fraud or misuse, continuously tracks financial activity in real-time and issues alerts if it detects unusual transactions, such as withdrawals or account activities that are out of the normal range for each participant. While no actual account information is shared with researchers at ORCATECH, they are able to review the data and look for reliable signs or markers of early cognitive decline. 

Being able to track, identify and predict cognitive decline in this way could help researchers and clinicians intercede and intervene at an earlier stage and could help spot early difficulties in performing activities that are essential to independent living. 

Join the E-FIND Study

Managing finances is a complex activity that involves planning and organizing, concentrating, and absorbing new information. Past research has shown that changes in how older adults handle their finances could be an early indicator of cognitive decline.

People who have impaired financial capacity, or who are not able to independently manage their finances according to their values and preferences, can also be at risk of financial abuse or exploitation.

Participation lasts for 12 months. During that time, participation includes:

  • Being enrolled in a free, secure and online financial monitoring program, provided by EverSafe
  • Undergoing two cognitive test batteries (at the beginning and at the end of the study)
  • Completing other study questionnaires 

Participants also receive periodic newsletters with updates about the study. 

Please contact Jennifer Marcoe, the study coordinator, for more information about:

  • Registering for the study
  • Using E-FIND data in a research project or publication
  • Collaborating with the E-FIND study team

Send an email to marcoej@ohsu

Elderly man works on a computer at home with a notebook

Detecting financial errors

EverSafe alerts participants if their software detects any significant and unusual activity in participants’ accounts. Information about these alerts is shared with OHSU researchers. Irregularities could include:

  • Opening several new accounts in a short amount of time
  • Running up overdrafts
  • Transactions with suspicious vendors
  • Unusual large cash transfers