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Lab personnel

Greg Dissen, Ph.D., Director, 503-346-5112, 

Camryn Berry, Research Assistant II, 503-346-5111,

Julie Carroll, Research Associate, AAV Project Lead 503-346-5381,

John Hanna, Research Assistant II, 503-346-5111,

Don Siess, Ph.D., Staff Scientist II, QPRC Diagnostics Project Lead,

CoreyAyne Singleton, Research Associate, Lentiviral Vector Project Lead,

Jeffrey Torgerson, Research Associate, RhCMV and Adenovirus Project Lead,

Ashley White, Sr. Research Assistant,

Shipping address

Molecular Virology Core
Research Building Rm 046
Oregon National Primate Research Center
Oregon Health and Sciences University
505 NW 185th Ave
Beaverton, OR 97006

Phone: 503-346-5111

Sample submission

For ONPRC and OHSU users

All materials/samples are supplied either in person or shipped directly to the MVC using the inter-campus courier.  Please give notice before shipping and provide the appropriate manifest or submission form at the time of notification.  

Finalized products will be shipped by inter-campus courier to the laboratory address provided by the requesting investigator. Users will be contacted by email to confirm their availability to receive the shipment.  Packages delivered by courier are normally delivered the following day, i.e. with 24 hour turnaround, and we request you confirm receipt via email.  If you haven't received your package by 2:00 pm the following-day, please contact us so we can help track your package. 

Internal investigators will receive an invoice at the end of the month with a description of the charges and the project alias number to be billed.

For external (non-OHSU) users

External billing proceeds through the ONPRC billing office. Please email us with any inquires and we will generate a quote. ONPRC guidelines require external users supply us with a purchase order (PO) before initiating services. After the work is completed, external users will receive an invoice for review and the supplied PO will be billed.

Materials should be submitted by FedEx.  All materials should be packaged according to your institution's biosafety requirements and following IATA guidelines for shipping dangerous goods.  Please give at least 24 hours of notice, via email, before shipping samples to the MVC.  Provide the appropriate manifest or submission form with your notification.  

Results for quantitative assays will be provided by email.  Finalized products will be shipped by FedEx using the user's provided FedEx account number.  Users will be contacted by email to confirm their availability to receive the shipment.

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