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External users must contact Dr. David Erikson, ETC Director, 503-346-5078 before initiation of services.

Lab contact for ETC assay request and sample shipment:, 503-346-5066 

Sample Shipping Address:
Dr. David Erikson
Oregon National Primate Research Center (ONPRC)
Endocrine Technologies Core
505 NW 185th Avenue
Beaverton, OR 97006

The ETC team

David Erikson, Ph.D., is the Director of the ETC. He has been at ONPRC in this capacity since 2014. Prior to this appointment, Dr. Erikson held appointments at several academic institutions, where he gained extensive experience in multiple areas including endocrinology, reproductive biology, and assay technologies. As the Director, Dr. Erikson collaborates with investigators, analyzes and reports data, initiates new technology development, and manages all operations and direction of the ETC.

Steven Blue is a Research Associate in the ETC. He has worked in the ETC since 2006 and performs a number of steroid and protein assays, including LC-MS/MS.

Andrea Winchell is a Research Associate. She has worked in the ETC since 2009 and performs RIA, ELISA, and Luminex analyses.

Kristopher Fecteau, Ph.D. is a Research Associate. Kris has worked in the ETC since 2019 and performs LC-MS/MS analyses.

Shawn Kraft is a Senior Research Assistant. Shawn has worked in the ETC since 2021 and performs LC-MS/MS analyses. 

Francis K.-Y. Pau, Ph.D., is a consultant to the ETC. Dr. Pau worked at the ONPRC for 30 years in endocrinology, neuroscience, and stem cell biology with years of experience in RIA and other assays, and is the former Director of the ETC.

David Hess, Ph.D., is a consultant to the ETC. Dr. Hess is the founder of the ETC and was the Director of the ETC for over three decades before his retirement.