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The Layton Center publishes a newsletter, the Alzheimer's Update, twice a year. We publish stories on:

  • Layton Center and national research
  • Experiences of volunteers in some of our studies
  • Cognitive (brain and thinking) health

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Previous issues

Spring 2020

  • Research to improve health and well-being of Alzheimer's caregivers
  • Research Update: New clinical trial targets amyloid "protofibrils"
  • Caregiver Corner: Sticking to a routine in times of stress
  • Grant Award News: Oregon Tax Checkoff for Alzheimer's Research Fund 2019-2020 grant awards
  • The Alzheimer's Association International Conference reveals promising research
  • Staff Corner: Senior research assistant Kate Mincks 

Summer 2019

  • About the E-FIND study
  • A neurologist’s perspective on early awareness of Alzheimer’s 
  • Grant Award News: OADC grants
  • Caregiver Corner: Introducing a formal caregiver
  • Our BUILD Exito scholars graduate
  • Research Update: Recruiting for Generations 2 study
  • Staff Corner: Aimee Pierce, M.D., Director of Clinical Care

Winter 2018

  • A volunteer shares his perspective on participating in research
  • Grant Award News: Hartford Award, K01 Award, Gibbs Family Endowed Professorship, Oregon Tax Checkoff research fund
  • Caregiver Corner: Get by with a little help from friends
  • Research Update: New grant expands Alzheimer’s research
  • Staff Corner: Linda Boise, Ph.D. (in memoriam)

Summer 2018

  • About the I-CONECT study
  • Caregiver Corner: Grief from two viewpoints
  • Sharing stories through soul food and art
  • Grant award news: RO1 and OADC
  • Staff corner: Angelie Healy, Social work
  • What are PUFAs? About the PUFA study

Winter 2017

  • Long-term care options for people living with dementia
  • Caregiver Corner: Engaging in pleasant events
  • About the Oregon Research Center for Complimentary and Alternative Medicine in Neurological Disorders (ORCCAMIND)
  • Grant award news: Oregon Tax Checkoff research fund 
  • Staff corner: Randy Woltjer, Brain donation at OHSU
  • Welcoming our EXITO scholars
  • About the Tele-Savvy study

Summer 2017

  • Education drives the mission of the Layton Center
  • Caregiver corner: Pleasant events
  • Understanding frontotemporal dementia: Kathy Wild, Ph.D.
  • Grant award news: OADC and Alzheimer's Association grants
  • Staff corner: Gillian Devereux, R.N.
  • About the A4 study
  • Welcoming Drs. Andrew Natonson and Neil Thomas

Winter 2016

  • Welcoming new director of Outreach, Recruitment & Education, Allison Lindauer, Ph.D., N.P.
  • News about research opportunities: ACTNOW!, STAR-C-TM
  • Neuropsychological examinations in dementia care
  • About the SHARP study pilot program
  • Grant award news: Oregon Tax Checkoff research fund
  • Everyday cognition: Adriana Seelye, Ph.D.

Summer 2016

  • Announcing the retirement of Linda Boise
  • News about research opportunities: SHARP, AADAPt
  • Teaching the next generation of doctors about community care for people with dementia
  • Alzheimer's and the brain game challenge
  • Nutrition, Alzheimer's, and the healthy brain

September 2015

  • Grant award news: Paul G. Allen Foundation Award
  • Event news: The Layton Center at AAIC 2015
  • Oregon trail leads to Oregon Brain Bank
  • Dementia care givers at risk for declining health
  • Dementia care comes home: new program aims to promote independence & reach more people

March 2015

  • About the new Oregon Healthy Brain Research Network
  • New research opportunity: ACTNOW!
  • Event news: 2015 Oregon Brain Institute lecture series
  • The impact of medications on development of dementia
  • Research update: Centella asiatica (CA)
  • OHSU doctors discuss “jogging your memory”
  • Thanking donors Phil Kreitner and Sherril Gelmon