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The Layton Center publishes a newsletter, the Alzheimer's Update, twice a year. We publish stories on:

  • Layton Center and national research
  • Experiences of volunteers in some of our studies
  • Cognitive (brain and thinking) health

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Previous issues

Spring/Summer 2023

  • Research volunteer shares why they enrolled in the AHEAD clinical trial
  • Two sisters reflect about their caregiving experiences
  • EXITO BUILD scholar spends two years working with ORCATECH
  • Community outreach specialist introduces themselves
  • Donor explains why they donated their estate to OHSU

Fall 2022

  • Research volunteers reflect about the AADAPT study
  • Making sense of supplements and alternative treatments
  • Caregiver corner: When caregivers become friends
  • Donor corner: Sherril Gelmon reflects about her recent gift
  • Staff corner: Recruitment coordinator Natasha Spoden

Winter 2022

  • Participants share why they enrolled in a caregiver study
  • Global researchers convene at the AAIC 2022 conference
  • Caregiver corner: Generous gift from the Eagles
  • Community Advisory Council guides the Layton Center
  • Grant award news: PROACTS pilot and DETECTS-AD study

Winter 2021

  • Participants share why they enrolled in a clinical trial
  • Introducing two new EXITO scholars
  • Caregiver corner: Tips for getting outside during winter
  • Research news: New OHSU Botanical Research Center
  • Highlights from 2020 Alzheimer's Association Intl' Conference
  • Staff corner: Patrice Fuller, Senior research assistant

Spring 2020

  • Research to improve health and well-being of Alzheimer's caregivers
  • Research update: New clinical trial targets amyloid "protofibrils"
  • Caregiver corner: Sticking to a routine in times of stress
  • Grant award news: Oregon Tax Checkoff for Alzheimer's Research Fund grant awards
  • Highlights from 2019 Alzheimer's Association Intl' Conference
  • Staff corner: Kate Mincks, Senior research assistant