Strategic Plan

OHSU’s strategic plan is built around our vision:

OHSU will partner to make Oregon a national leader in health and science innovation for the purpose of improving the health and well-being of all Oregonians and beyond.

Six goals — timeless aspirations — form the basis of the plan:

  1. Building a diverse, equitable environment where all can thrive and excel.
  2. Being the destination for transformational learning.
  3. Enhancing health and health care in every community.
  4. Discovering and innovating to advance science and optimize health worldwide.
  5. Partnering with communities for a better world.
  6. Ensuring a sustainable foundational infrastructure.

These goals span OHSU’s missions, supported by objectives that are focused on identifying new ways to understand disease, treat illness and train the next generation of scientists and health professionals. They begin with our commitment to listen to what communities — across Oregon and around the world — need from OHSU, and end with our commitment to the people who will respond to those needs and make this work a reality.

With 42 objectives and hundreds of tactics, OHSU 2025 reflects not only the breadth and complexity of the state’s only academic health center, but also the challenges in health and science that OHSU must address. OHSU’s scale and scope, our profound connection to Oregonians, and our decades of experience at the leading edge of innovation have already laid the foundation for this plan’s success.

The plan is not the only point

OHSU 2025 was developed from the ground up. More than 5,000 OHSU members contributed to the plan, providing input on OHSU’s future picture, shaping the plan’s goals, and developing detail around its objectives and tactics.

The process that created the plan — and will carry through its implementation — speaks volumes about what makes it unique: It is a strategic plan that is not only for, but by, OHSU.

It outlines the work to which OHSU is uniquely suited, designed by the people who make us unique.


OHSU 2025 is one part of a long-term project: It illuminates the next steps in a journey to continually improve health and well-being. It is a map for those who work here, those who work with us, and those who support our work. It is a record of OHSU’s dynamic, transformative approach — the fundamental difference we bring to solving immensely complex health and science problems — and it is an invitation to join with us. Together, we will deliver breakthroughs for better health.