OHSU Text Messaging Terms of Service

In these Terms of Service, all references to OHSU shall include OHSU and any person or entity acting on behalf of OHSU to deliver the OHSU Text Messaging services. I understand and agree to the following terms of service:

  • By providing OHSU with my mobile phone number, I expressly consent to receive text messages including reminders, referrals and/or waitlist notifications from OHSU.
  • I understand that an automatic dialing system may be used to deliver text messages to me. I expressly consent to OHSU to use an automatic dialing system to deliver text messages to the mobile number that I have provided to OHSU for contact purposes. I understand that text message communications may contain information I wish to keep confidential, such as information about my healthcare team, date of appointment and location of service.
  • I understand that OHSU text messages are not encrypted and OHSU cannot assure the privacy of an OHSU text message. Text messages travel via the public Internet or my carrier’s network. It is not possible for OHSU to verify that a text message is actually received, opened and read by the intended recipient. I accept the risk that my medical information may not be confidential when being sent via text message.
  • I agree and understand that OHSU takes no responsibility for and disclaims any and all liability arising from any breach of confidentiality not caused by OHSU, inaccuracies or defects in software, communication lines, virtual private network, the internet or my internet service provider, mobile carrier or mobile carrier’s network, access system, computer hardware or software, or any other service or device that I use to access text messages.
  • I understand that OHSU reserves the right to terminate its Text Messaging services at any time for any reason without prior notice.
  • I understand that I may terminate my participation in OHSU Text Messaging services by texting STOP at any time in response to an OHSU text. In such a case, I understand and agree that I may receive one final text message confirming that the OHSU Text Messaging service has been stopped.
  • I agree to notify OHSU as soon as practical if my mobile number changes. OHSU is not responsible for any liability arising from my failure to notify OHSU of a change in my mobile number.
  • OHSU does not have a separate charge for this service; however, I understand that message and data rates may apply from my mobile carrier and I am responsible for any such charges.

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