Providing the most advanced bone and joint care

We can offer expertise, ranging from fracture care to sports medicinebone and soft tissue tumors to children's bone and joint carefoot and ankle to spine carejoint replacement to non-operative treatment, and hand and wrist to shoulder and elbow services. In addition to our clinics and surgery, our services also include pain management, rehabilitation , physical therapy, and imaging.

We are using breakthrough research to bring new cures and improve the current standard of care to you, as quickly as possible. Our doctors are actively involved in many clinical studies, including advancing the treatment of carpal tunnel syndrome, hip arthritis, cartilage re-growth, and fracture care.

PatientPatient Stories

Our patients inspire us every day. Read how we work together to care for our sports medicine patient's injuries and get them back to fully enjoying their active lifestyles.

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OHSU Orthopaedics and Rehabilitation offers comprehensive care in multiple locations throughout Portland and Beaverton. Visit our Contact Us and Locations page.

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