Limited Orthodontic Treatment

What is limited orthodontic treatment?

Some orthodontic patients may not have all of their permanent teeth present or may need only a few teeth moved with braces. Work done for these patients may also be called limited, partial, interceptive or Phase I treatment. If you or your child has an orthodontic screening at OHSU and need this type of treatment, this information will be important for you to know.

Limited treatment is intended to address a problem involving only one or a few teeth, or to minimize a developing problem. The treatment indicated at the time of the screening is of a limited nature and is not intended to address all problems that exist, or that may later develop. For children, additional, partial or full orthodontic treatment may also be necessary in the future after all of the permanent teeth have erupted. If additional treatment is needed, there will be separate (additional) fees for this treatment.

Examples of limited orthodontic treatment

How is treatment decided and how much will it cost?

Before treatment can begin, orthodontic records will be necessary. For limited orthodontic treatment, the fee for x-rays, photographs, and study models is $340.00. Payment is due at the time records are made and is non-refundable. The records become the property of OHSU.

Since everyone’s orthodontic needs may be different, the plan for limited treatment will be matched to what is needed. It may be a single appliance like a space maintainer, a headgear, a few braces or a combination of some of these appliances. The treatment fee will be based on the amount of treatment needed. Your doctor will discuss this with you before any work is scheduled or started. Typical treatment fees for this type of treatment range from $355.00 to $3,000.00. The fee for treatment is to be paid in full before treatment can begin.

The fee discussed at the screening appointment will be for the limited orthodontic treatment only. It does not cover other procedures that may be necessary, such as replacement of broken or lost appliances or retainers, or extraction of teeth or other dental procedures. If additional treatment is needed, there will be additional cost for this treatment. If comprehensive orthodontic treatment (Phase II or full braces) is needed at a later date, 50% of the cost of the limited treatment will be deducted from the fee for comprehensive treatment. The fee for comprehensive treatment will be that which the clinic is using at the time the comprehensive treatment is begun.

What will my options be for treatment appointments?

Appointments will be scheduled to accomplish the work after payment for treatment is made. The appointments may be during work or during school hours for your child. Available appointment times are limited because of the clinic schedule. The doctor will discuss the appointment scheduling needs with you so that you will better understand your options and responsibilities.