GPHN Class of 2013-14

The Alumni of the Graduate Programs in Human Nutrition, many of whom serve as preceptors, generously give their time and expertise to mentor students enrolled in our programs. Many of our alumni are employed as clinical dietitians, work in community and public health, or in private practice. Our alumni also serve on advisory boards & committees and others serve as lecturers for our Monday courses.

Alumni Highlights

Jordan Sylvester

Jordan Sylvester, MCD, RD, as Sports NutritionistHi, my name is Jordan Sylvester. As a 2016 DI graduate and 2017 MCD graduate from OHSU, I am in my first year working as a registered dietitian. Currently, I am located in Clemson, South Carolina and working as a sports dietitian at Clemson University. Much of my work is dedicated to educating my athletes through team presentations and one-on-one counseling. Other tasks include the make-up of home and away menus and individualized meal plans, managing fueling station facilities and staff, and reinforcing proper fueling strategies for practice and competition at home and away events. Our big initiatives this year have been promoting positive body image and going with a "food first" approach. Athletes are no different from the general population in that they are subject to the same fad diets and convincing supplement promotions. It is important they receive recommendations based on sound evidence and science-based research to stay healthy and perform at their best. Having seven teams of my own has been a big and fulfilling undertaking. I am most grateful for the opportunities OHSU provided me during my time there. The Graduate Programs in Human Nutrition set me up for success while there and the knowledge I received continues to support me now.

Joanna Cummings

Sabaidee! Hello from Vientiane, Lao PDR! My name is Joanna (Helm) Cummings, MS RD. I am a graduate of OHSU where I received my masters in Clinical Nutrition and completed the dietetic internship. Currently, I am living and working in Lao PDR (Laos) in Southeast Asia as part of OHSU's Global Health program. I am the Coordinator and Instructor for the Lao-American Nutrition Institute (LANI).  LANI is a collaboration between the U.S. Government, Lao Government and OHSU. We are in the process of building a brand new campus with classrooms, a lecture hall, outpatient and inpatient clinical assessment and intervention areas, and a clinical laboratory. Helm Cummings_Alumni Update from Lao_Food

The campus will also include a teaching/demonstration kitchen and café in order to feature innovative food products and to display the research efforts that are being studied; outdoor training facilities to simulate typical rural home environments in order to evaluate innovative and adaptive food preparation techniques and storage methods; and a community-based demonstration garden to display and test "garden-to-family" sustainable agriculture methods, hygienic animal husbandry practices, and health-promoting environmental initiatives. I am honored to be teaching the first dietitians in Lao PDR! Our goal is to help prevent malnutrition, stunting and wasting of the children in Lao (currently among the highest rates in the world) and promote health and well-being throughout Lao.


Nathan Harrah

Hi, I'm Nathan Harrah. As I write this brief synopsis, I've had the RD/LD credentials for two months, and been a practicing clinical dietitian for two weeks. Yes, I'm brand new to the profession…and happy to report that it's been a rewarding two-week career so far! As an undergraduate in dietetics, I always pictured myself starting out as a clinical dietitian in a hospital. I figured this area of practice would allow me the greatest chance for continued learning: about anatomy and physiology, health and disease (both caregiver and patient perspectives), being part of a multidisciplinary healthcare team, and, of course, all things nutrition (nutrition science, medical nutrition therapy, the nutrition care process, etc.). With my new position at Legacy Emanuel Hospital in Portland, this vision has become a promising reality. I enjoy being part of an excellent and friendly team of clinical dietitians. The OHSU Dietetic Internship was an undeniably formative 10 months that prepared me for many possible career endeavors, including my current job. I did all my clinical rotations at OHSU, one of two Level 1 trauma centers in the state; now I work at the other Level 1 trauma center. Complementing the supervised practice rotations themselves were courses whose instructors were knowledgeable, passionate, challenging, and supportive. So many varied opportunities to meet challenge after challenge, to learn so much along the way, and to earn very welcome encouragement from faculty and preceptors. All of this gave me the knowledge, tools, and confidence to walk into any situation in my new field and succeed.


Alumni Career and Volunteer Opportunities

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